Lovingfur Cat Scratching Board with a Toy Bell Ball



??Fun Design??This Magic Organ Cat Scratch Board is specially designed for your feline friend. It’s foldable for easy storage. multiple shapes and magnetic mounting make it easy to use. and one product can be used in many styles so cats don’t get bored.

??Protect Furniture??Does your cat often destroy the furniture? This cat scratching board is a good way to satisfy your cat’s scratching instinct so that it will no longer destroy the furniture.

??Premium Quality Material??These scratching boards for cats are made of high-density corrugated paper with a mesh honeycomb design. with tight gaps. strong and durable. and will not hurt the claws.

??Cat’s Happiness?? This cat board can release the cat’s nature. from childhood to adulthood. and can keep it company for a long time. and can save you the cost of other scratching boards.

??2 in 1 Design?? This scratcher is carefully designed with a fun shape that is great for stretching and playing. something cats of all ages will love to get their claws into! No cat can resist it. sharpening paws and playing all in one. It can be folded into a bone shape. folded into a crib to sleep on. or scratched at will to make cats love to sharpen their paws.

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Lovingfur Cat Scratching Board with a Toy Bell Ball