Lovingfur Crocodile hair sound grinding stick



Designed for small and medium-sized dogs. nylon shell + TPR soft glue. more resistant to tearing than ordinary dog bite glue products. bite is not broken. not broken. not broken. It is the most bite-resistant dog toy on the market.

Products can make a funny sound when shaking. this toy is different from the original sounding toy. the owner can hold the toy. shake the toy back and forth can make a funny sound. in order to attract the dog to play. when the pet dog grabs the toy to run. the toy will automatically make a funny strange sound. and the pet dog has no sound when biting the toy (the traditional vocal grinding toy is a continuous squeaking sound when biting. and many pet owners feedback will be very bored with the uninterrupted squeaking.

This design is a good way to maintain the interesting sound of the dog’s interest in playing and curiosity. but also to reduce a lot of noise interference for the owner. so that the owner and the dog are in a very comfortable environment to interact and live.

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Lovingfur Crocodile hair sound grinding stick