Lovingfur Plush Hideaway Bed



Does Your Pet Love To Burrow?

The?Plush Hideaway Bed?is the perfect dog bed or cat bed. If your dog loves to crawl under a blanket to get some sleep. then this is the bed for them.

The cavelike design will give you dog or cat a soft and plush place to burrow! The only downside is your dog or cat may like it so much that your cuddle time may take a hit.

Many Pets Have Anxiety Symptoms

Many of our indoor pets suffer from different degrees of anxiety. If you got a new furry friend during the pandemic they may not feel comfortable around new people.

Give you pet the best?Hideaway Bed?to help with your pets anxious feelings! This is the bed is not only super soft and comfy but the top cover will provides your furry companion a place to feel secure when new people are around.


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Lovingfur Plush Hideaway Bed