Lovingfur Waterproof Cat Litter Mat-Free Litter Mat



This mat is a game changer!

The makes litter disappear?by trapping it before it?spills on the floor.?You?no longer have to sweep up litter?several times a day!
By far the best litter mat I’ve tried. It’s durable. easy to clean. and actually works!
– Aislynn

Save 30% on litter

The Purrfect mat allows you to?recycle unused litter?back into the litter box.?saving you up to 30%?on litter.

It blends in with my decor and my cat loves lounging on it.
– Jessica

Pee-proof & easy to clean

The waterproof bottom layer?protects your hardwood floors and carpets?from nasty urine stains. The mat?can easily be rinsed off?with water.
Since getting this mat. I haven’t had to sweep up litter once! It’s a game changer.
– Mark

Works with?your?litter

The PurrfectMat?works with all kinds of litter?such as clumping litter. traditional litter. pellets. sand. recycled paper litter. and more.

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Lovingfur Waterproof Cat Litter Mat-Free Litter Mat
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