Strange noise toothbrush molar stick



Specially designed for medium and large dogs. nylon shell + TPR soft rubber. more resistant to tearing and biting than ordinary dog ??chew products. The molar bumps are distributed on the outside. and the dog can effectively clean the incisors. canines and molars during the process of chewing. effectively cleaning the teeth and protecting the oral health.

The teeth grinding toy can make funny sounds when shaking. This toy is different from the original sounding toy. The owner can hold the toy and shake the toy back and forth to make funny sounds. so as to attract the dog to play.

When the dog grabs the toy and runs At times. the toy will also automatically make funny noises. while the pet dog makes no sound when chewing on the toy (traditional vocal teething toys continuously squeak when chewing. and many pet owners report that they are uninterrupted.

The squeaking sound will be very annoying and considered to be a kind of noise). this design keeps the interesting sound attractive to the dog’s play interest and curiosity. and also reduces a lot of noise interference for the owner. allowing the owner and the dog Dogs all interact and live in a very comfortable environment.


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Strange noise toothbrush molar stick