"Yeeeesssss" [serious] "The goody-goody-two-shoe days of Captain Melonhead and Splinter have come to an end!" "Wilfred?" ]Kevin: "Oh, what's the use? Unfortunately, it also knocks May off balance so that she can't aim her slingshot. The rock tips over, and the car explodes. "[Ed runs faster and faster, spinning the wheel at incredible speed. 'CAUSE EVERYTHING WAS MY FAULT!" ], [Nazz is skating down the lane. ]Edd: "Eddy? ]Edd: "Eddy! [He plops a gourd on his head. "[Kevin runs into the swamp and begins to clamber up the tree. Rolf is nowhere to be seen. ]Sarah: [following him in] "I swear if he eats one more corn dog off the ground, I'll"Marie: "Look! ]Kevin: "Back off, melon dude!" [to his friends] "LOOKING KEEP LOOKING! Pain! "Eddy: [trying again] "It ain't workin! 11.5k. Below, yet another vengeance seeker is looking for the Eds. ]Edd: "Eddy? "Ed: "Lucky me!" ]Ed: "Stop! Eddy, belly sad!" ]Edd: "Beloved parents. Lay off him, man! "Eddy: "Double D! ]The Gourd: "And his evil cohort, Timber, the Dark Shard!" "Eddy: [confused] "Girlfriend? From here on out, it's nothing but smooth sailing! ]Ed: "I am Ed! A malodorous marsh is not a place to play, gentlemen! ]Nazz: "Whoa! Eddy drags Edd onto dry land with his upper lip, which has gotten wedged in Edd's gap. Kevin quickly runs back. "An astronomical instrument used to" [He stops. "Guard the provisions. ", [Ed's head slams into the door to the factory before finally breaking through. "Ed: "Fancy bug butts, I must say." [He spins it.] ]Ed: "Look, I'm Double D! "Eddy: "Don't bite me, oh, Agama, whatcha-whatchamacallit! Ed, Edd n Eddy. "Edd: "It's just that it's difficult for me to sleep in an unlabeled environment. "Ed: [panicking] "Food for Ed! "[Eddy waves the flies away. "Kevin: "Get a grip, Nazz! ]Sarah: "Let's go see, Jimmy! Nazz's gag falls off]Eddy's Brother: "Just a sec." [He goes after them, tiptoeing from tiny island to tiny island.] ]Kevin: "DOOOOORRRRRKKKKKKKSSSSSS!!!" Ed!" [Edd takes it from Ed. Eddy's brother will murder us if he finds out we're after his little brother! Give it up! "That I would forsake my home and family for something as trivial as"Ed: "Buttered toast!" ], [Jimmy is happily riding Wilfred. The snakes fall all over in a rain, landing on a roadway. "[The three tug at Jimmy, stretching his body. [Ed casts the sponges skyward, grabs his bag, and runs off.] Fireflies start to gather. ]Ed: "The hills are alive, Eddy! Eddy begins to fight his way out from under Ed. This is all my fault! ]Eddy: "Better hurry up, big bro's a-waitin. Eddy scrambles into the drivers seat. Wait!" "Sarah: [lifting Jimmy's chains] "Move it, Jimmy! The Eds scream as they go through the woods and fly over a ravine into the junkyard. [polishing it] "It mimics the common mallard in order to offer minimal disruption to the local fauna. My bike's thrashed!" "Nazz: "Kevin! You're so neeve. ]Kevin: "Hang on! "Eddy: "Beats me. [He turns Ed in the right direction.] ]Edd: "EDDY! "Splinter the Wonderwood:Captain Melonhead: "Boy, Plank, you sure turn into a fireball when you're wearing a mask! "[Lying in front of Rolf is a cow. My candied apple, Sarah. "Sarah: "Let's have a picnic and watch! ]Jimmy: "He must smell the sweet aroma of my no-time nibble." ]Ed: "Trouble! Goodness gracious, when will this day of malfunction and mishap" [He realizes his friends haven't come out from under the board.] ]Eddy: "Hey!" "Edd: "Exactly!" "[Nazz slams into Kevin, and both of them fall into the funnel, followed by the bike. ]Edd: "NO! "[The car slams into a giant rock. ]Rolf: "Rolf will have the Ed-boys on a spit by nightfall! ]Eddy: "Hey, muscles! You just have to figure out where it is. A secret door opens in front of him on the branch he is balanced on. ]Nazz: "Kevin! "Edd: [sweating] "Make no sudden movements. A close-up is shown of the sprinkler moving back and forth before looking at another house across the street. [Ed and Edd's heads pile on top of Eddy's. Inside, the lights switch on. Edd walks to the factory floor. [Eddy grins, glad his friends still accept him. "We'll never find my brother, Double D."Edd: "Never say never, Eddy. "[Ed reaches into his bag and pulls out Edd. Rolf's wheel slams into the back of the car, and he and Wilfred fly upward. Lee looks up, alert, and runs in its direction. [She falls into the machine.] I'll help you out." Captain Melonhead cackles evilly, his costume in tatters. ]Ed: "Look, guys! ]Ed: "Ahh, comfy." ]Sarah: "Darn it! Looking up, he sees that he and his friends have in the night huddled together, and that Ed's butt is currently resting on his head. A rare moment where Eddy shows concern about one of his friends. [He runs off. As the kids and the Eds congregate, the Kanker sisters go over to Eddy's brother. "Eddy: "He's waitin for us!" "Edd: "Yes, wellwhat's our estimated time of arrival to your brother's sanctuary, Eddy? "Edd: [gulping] "Oh my. ]Eddy: "Ed! ]Kevin: [wiping his hands] "Sorry about that. "Eddy: "Immature, youimmature! Alien spaceships are attacking!" "[Ed and Eddy abruptly stop. "Edd: "HEEELLLPPP! [He tosses some fake vomit onto the floor. "[Ed chuckles, pulls up his shirt, and begins to drum on his belly. ]Edd: "It's no use, Eddy! "Gimme my man. ]Eddy: "Oh, Ed" [He holds out the item.] ]Ed: [looking under a bush] "Double D? "Eddy: "Heck yeah! [pointing to a snake] "This doesn't even look like a jellybean! "In your dreams, shovel-chin. "[Edd slams the cabinet shut and is thanked with a cloud of dust to his face. His bike continues at it's high pace and slams into a concrete barrier, crumpling into a complete wreck. [Ed grabs the peanut with his teeth. "Sarah: [muttering] "Oh for Pete's sake. More. You're heading back into the swamp! "Kevin: "Dusty dusty dusty? "Ed: "Autograph, Eddy! ]Ed: "Double D! Ed notices and has a sudden idea. [He grins insanely.] Centrifugal force is quick to act on the car, as the kids are pushed away from it. I'm Double D!" "Ed: "It wasn't me! It's doors open and we see our heroes, ready to venture into the world so they may find and defeat the villainous scumbags Ed, Edd, and Eddy. ", Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. ]Kevin: "Cowards run and hide, right? "[The wooden bar breaks, and a foot kicks through the doorknob. I mean no. TAKE ME!" ]Lee: [shoving Marie away] "Get off me! "[The two creep up on the rock. "]Edd: "There." [whispering] "I'm frightened. As he works to get it loose, he hops around his room, destroying it. "Eddy: [tearing the comic away] "Lemon Brook? But they can help us find a safe place to rest for the night. [releasing his repressed rage] "A SAP?!?! "Nazz: "They're gonna wish they never messed with Nazz Van Bartonschmeer! He looks for the Eds. ]Ed: "Save yourselves!" "That didn't even hurt." "Sarah: [annoyed as she walks towards the others] "Jeepers, Ed, you're still in one piece! Pain! "Ed: [wearing a pair of gag glasses] "Looks gaggy to me, Eddy. ]Edd: "Ed! ]Nazz: "THAT'S WHAT I THINK OF YOUR STUPID BIKE! Suddenly, a rope with a melon tied to its end goes flying. "Lee: "Nobody's askin, Marie!" "[Jonny escapes the hole. Worser than polyester chafing! A voice speaks from it, and the Eds start in fear. [throws her sisters in the air] "Move it! [Once Captain Melonhead sees the inside of the bus, though, his courage wavers. [He yawns. [holding up Ed's comic book] "This publication was printed over ten years ago! "[Eddy chases Ed off a cliff. Eddy then looks back as Ed continues to carry the car. At this point, the pressure on Edd is too great, and he lets go of the merry-go-round as well. He hears Rolf calling. [quieter] "Buses sure pack a wallop, huh, Plank? ]Marie: "Oh, way to go, May! Kevin skids his bike to a stop. Suddenly, he spots a glint of metal up ahead, and he leaps off. It rolls up, revealing a vent. I'm pretty sure they won't be going back to the cul-de-sac. ]Ed: "Say it ain't so! Rolf will interrogate this caboodle of bovine discord. "[The Kankers grab Rolf. Eddy leaps up, terrified. The car leaps into the air and slips upside down. ]Eddy: [imitating his mother] "Um, my little Eddy's not home right now! ]Captain Melonhead: "No sign of those fiends here, Splinter! I'm getting some shut-eye." "Eddy: "Those chumps'll never catch us now! "Eddy: "We're hooped!" It hits a tree and lodges there. Ready?" Seeing no sign of trouble, he shuts the door. He takes another box out and opens it, revealing six eggs. "[While his friends frantically look for Eddy's brother, Ed stands up and slowly walks towards something he sees, as if he's in a trance. ]Kevin: "Bad for the paint, y'know? ]Lee: "YEEOOWWCHHH!!! "Eddy: [scared] "Quicksand?! This rage train ain't stoppin till I thump those three twerps! Sarah takes the right fork, but Jimmy, unable to see Sarah, chooses the left path. [Ed chuckles. Ed and Eddy are in front of him, covered in mud but otherwise no worse for wear. "Eddy: "Give it back, Ed! Leave our friends alone!" They are but a few blocks from Mondo A-Go Go.]. Ed hungry! Pooh's Adventures of Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show is another upcoming Pooh's Adventures film by Toonking1985. Ed has just burst out of the house. ", [Edd stands at the office door. Lee steals Jimmy away. "We gotta go. "Edd: "Coleoptera Lampyridae, Ed. Sorry! ]Captain Melonhead: "Holy Toledo, Splinter! Find me one of those corn dogs, will ya? "Lee: [offscreen] "Why's this place look familiar? "Edd: "I think you mean naive, Eddy. She and Jimmy have been forced to drag the Kankers' wheelbarrow along, acting like horses for the Kankers. Kevin is on their left. Edd, now standing in a puddle of his own sweat, drops the glass. His friends are snoring as well. "[Captain Melonhead zooms off again. "Oh, phooey. "[Kevin leaves. "[As he looks for them, a long hedge rolls out. "Eddy: [tugging on the doors] "HEY BIG BRO! Sarah and Jimmy watch. They slam into a tree and stay there, pinned. "[He finally puts it in the ignition. "Aaaandaction! Bugs are hitting Kevin as well, but he doesn't seem to care. [He tries, but almost falls off the rock. At this, Wilfred's eyes widen, and he charges. "Lee: "Yeah! ]Kevin: "Time for payback! Do you think he'll like it? Icky! "Marie: [eating croissant] "She's kinda homely, if you ask me. Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Showis an animated roadcomedytelevision filmthat serves as the series finalefor the animated series Ed, Edd n Eddy. Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show (2009 TV Movie) : Cartoon Network/Warner Bros. Television/a.k.a. This is the transcript for the scene where Jonny and Plank take the bus and the heroes are in the swamp in Tino Tonitini, Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Big Picture Show. Edd hesitates. "[Rolf looks around for Wilfred, but can't find him anywhere. Suddenly, he stops. "Ed: "Ooh ooh oh! 38. "[As Edd cries, a handkerchief is held out to him. He finds the employee file and opens it, only to dump the contents out; they're so old, they have crumbled into dust. [He punches himself in the head on the last few words, and then cries. [Edd stares at the board in quiet contemplation. "Here, kid. Edd looks at them and then back at the wreckage of the car. ]Edd: "Mondo A-Go Go! "Ed: "Oh, oh! You're gonna wreck it! ]Nazz: "Hey! ]Edd: "Why, thank you, Ed. Edd joins them. Seeing nobody, he wheels his bike in. He turns it, and the engine barely coughs. "Ed: "Help! You built the stupid thing!! "Edd: "Lost souls are we, gentlemen, doomed for eternity!" My bro'll make us eat a barnacle if we show up while he's watching Matlock. Like up, up, but no away! [He rides off in hot pursuit. "Edd: "Fireflies, Eddy. I've got nothing to go on!" "Nazz: "What? "Oh! Calle! When he clambers back on, he tries another position, but this one hurts his back.] Cartoonand premiered on Cartoon Networkon November 8, 2009. ", [The Eds are tromping through a grassy field. [The bucket hits the wagon and boomerangs back to hit May in the back of her head.] "Ed: "Double D!" Writers: Jono Howard Mike Kubat Rachel Connor Stacy Warnick Danny Antonucci A sprinkler is watering Kevin's lawn. [sinister] "And cry." "Eddy, didn't you say your brother was once a whaler? Jimmy cowers while everyone else looks at it, confused. "He's a big grown man." Say, you got one of those hairpin things? This." Rolf will draw forth the"Nazz: "Wait up, Kev!" Nazz is gone and the fire has been extinguished. ]Eddy's Brother: "Park don't open till noon. "Kevin: [oblivious] "Oh, hey Nazz. Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show: Directed by Danny Antonucci. Suddenly, a crunch comes from behind him. [A bus pulls up to the curb. "May: "My head ain't nailed! "Quickly, take hold of that"[The rope lands on top of the sand. "Ed: [cheering] "WE ARE FRIENDS ONCE MORE, GUYS!" Aw, bro, what'd I do without you?" "[The car twists onto the road and slams into a hydrant before turning and running into a garage. So who's the one person in the world that Eddy trusts, besides his two loser pals? He slips into it and enters an elevator. They're going to Eddy's brother's place!" ]Edd: "Eddy! [Jimmy's pants split, revealing his teddy bear underwear.] "Jonny: "I ain't goin near that one with a ten-foot pole, buddy. HE'S GOTTA BE AROUND HERE SOMEWHERE!" [Jimmy opens his mouth to scream. What scares Rolf is not the cow, but the cow's udder. ]Eddy: "Breakfast? "Edd: "It's called a sextant." His friends are no more. ]Kevin: "Um, I got a peanut butter sandwich. Wait for them to come back?" ]Eddy: "RUN DOUBLE D! [He sticks it to the web.] ]Edd: "Eddy! "[Wilfred leads them down the road. ]Eddy: "Too late! "Nazz: "Totally!" ]Sarah: "Get off me, lemme go! 'Cause I ain't laughin. It drops six floors, and Jonny exits. Whaddya think they did this time, Jimmy? Another. "Edd: "How can you be so certain, Eddy? Ed! A classic. The scam, my brotherthiswhen am I gonna learn, Double D?" ]Rolf: "Rolf is so sad! "Eddy: "What doesn't? Eddy! ]Jimmy: "Oh, please! Where are ya? Eddy looks around. He reaches over and pulls the pin from one of the hinges. Trouble! ]Ed: "Ed pooped. [He throws the pipe away. ]Eddy: "That's stupid. ]Ed: "Look! Foul!" One"Sarah and Jimmy: "twothree! [He rummages through the closet.] Wilfred is the first to fly off. ]Eddy: "Hey! Honest! "Eddy: "Not in my brother's car, you're not! "Eddy: "And" [clutching them close] "If any of those losers find us there, they'll be mailed back to Peach Creek in a body cast. With Matt Hill, Sam Vincent, Tony Sampson, Keenan Christensen. [He looks through the device. ", [The Eds trundle down the road. ]Ed: "Land ho!" Okay then. Do you see him?" The boy looks exhausted, as though he's been up all night. GO HOME! This knocks them forward and provides the wheelbarrow with momentum. ]Sarah: "Cut, cut, cut, cut!" "Eddy: [taking out his wallet] "Ta-da!" "Trouble! ]Edd: "By the authority vested in me, sanctioned by moi, I hereby christen this seaworthy vessel, the esteemed, um" [reading the writing on the side] "S. S. Mutant Almost A Chicken Duck?" I like you, girlfriend." "AAAAHHHH!!! At this moment, a truck horn honks and lights shine on Rolf's face. "[Edd tries to get loose. "No one beats up our little love muffins! "Eddy: [smug] "Forget to pay the brain bill? [He rubs Eddy's armpit. I demand you tickle each other right now! "Together, we will exact revenge, on the entire cul. ]Eddy: [laughing] "What a chump!" He then proceeds to descend down a bunch of stairs that look like melons. What'd ya, fall off the back of a truck? Stumbling backwards, he spots his shoe and rips it off before trying to get his sock off with his teeth. Even more coincidentally, Kevin's bike is parked against it. ]Edd: [astounded] "Pardon? An illustration of a heart shape ; Contact . "Eddy: "Thataboy! Join. [Ed falls out of the car.] "[Eddy looks out the window and spots Kevin. "Lee: "What is it? ]Eddy: "Hey Sockhead, quit turning everything into your bedroom! [He starts to run on the cars, spinning the wheel around. "Sarah: "None of your beeswax! "[Nazz grabs the whole sandwich and scarfs it. "If we're goin anywhere, I know a place so out of the way, it's practically invisible. [He hands the suitcase to Edd. Unfortunately, it runs out of momentum just short of the side and hangs there, swinging. ", [A rumbling and and screaming from a pipe as a heavy load travels along it. "[Plank, ripped and torn and almost destroyed, tumbles onto the windshield. Cai! He then walks over to one of the seats and takes out a canteen. Ed wiggles his way out of an exhaust pipe and sees Eddy's three hairs sticking up from inside a car door. ]Ed: "Oh, help me! Pardon me! Eddy looks up and spots a congratulatory glass on top of the fridge. "Jimmy: "Ow, ah! [He yawns.] "[Kevin is picking up speed when May is suddenly stuck into his path. No! [He yawns. You're it! "Edd: [helping him search] "There's so many places he could be, Eddy! [He points to it. What are you doing here? Say, let's go to my place! It creaks open a few inches, revealing that it is bolted numerous times. ]Eddy: "Yee-haw! Son of a gun! "Edd: "The collision was unavoidable, Eddy! [Wilfred lets go. Bad! The door slams behind them. What a shame. [He shows off a postcard.] "[The door flies open. ]Jimmy: "Second verse, same as the first! ]Jimmy: "I'm getting stretch marks!" He then flips it open and presses a button. Wilfred! "Isn't that adorable? Answer me!" "Eddy: [panicked] "Don't just stand there! It ain't nothin but smooth sailin straight to big bro's place, boys! "Eddy: "They'll never find us in here!" Top Users. ]Eddy: "He's a mean one!" "Pranks and puerile practical jokes at the Lemon Brook Gag Factory. "[The kids rumble towards the Eds. They dangle in front of Wilfred, and Wilfred begins to follow them. Later. So tell him how you're gonna beat up his little bro. Suddenly, Edd jumps up.] ]Eddy: "What's that stupid thing? Oh, the horror! "You got spunk. Can't sink in it! "[Captain Melonhead stumbles through a veritable jungle of legs, looking all over for his best friend. [Eddy's brother is twisting his leg into a spiral.] He then tries to yank his arm free. ]Edd: "Eddy, look! It's like a fairy tale come true! "Ed: "C'mon, Eddy, have a heart! He pulls the bag out of the wall and grabs his sponges before running off. ]Edd: "So much undone! "Kevin: "Oh, man! "Oh look, boxes stuffed with stuff. Like blah, blah without the other blah! "Ed: [laughing and mocking him] "Aah! ]Eddy: "In your dreams! The car goes off a mountain of trash and this acts like a ramp. As he does so, he knocks a string of sausages loose.
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